About Niermans

People rarely stop and think about the power of paper. And yet it is all around us in our daily life. A toilet tissue, the notepad on a desk, the cardboard boxes that online orders are delivered in; paper works!

Experts in packaging paper

Our expertise encompasses the latter category: packaging paper. It’s highly likely that over the last week you have been in contact with a product that originates from our agency: the paper around a bunch of flowers, the paper bag you got at the shop, the bag that a loaf of bread was wrapped in, the cardboard box, our work is revealed every day without us noticing.


Paper is fascinating, particularly when you realise how much technology it involves to manufacture and what enormous industry is behind such a sophisticated product. We are thus proud to represent the following mills:

Out of the box

Since 1922, we have been representing various international paper and cardboard mills that perfectly complement each other in terms of characteristics and paper applications.

Over the years, during our collaboration, we have gained such knowledge that we are quite familiar with the mills processes. This is an advantage when counselling our clients; we know exactly where to turn to on the basis of their specific wishes.

If the answer is not immediately available, we will look for alternatives. Over the years, we have seen inside dozens of international mills and have developed a huge network, inside as well as outside Europe. The best solution is found always, even if we need to go out of the box!

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